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Every Man’s Hot Rod: The Fox Body Mustang

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By Mark Weisseg

The Fox Body Mustang really is the every man’s hot rod. Even if you would rather eat bugs than drive a Ford the car is what I claim it is.

It has a good old American made V8. Better known as the 5.0. Rear wheel drive of course and either an automatic or manual transmission.
Ford sold oodles of these back in the day. Hard top or soft top, leather or not the car has the makings of a real deal. It has a backseat but your legs must be as long as a two year old.

So, why is it the every man’s car? Well, it does have styling, it does have a real V8, and the car can be used for high speed fun or a trip to pick up the batteries for later that evening. The car is priced right in the used market now and one can certainly add on a ton of goodies from what seems an endless supply of aftermarket suppliers.

But, when I see one for sale and it says it is a 1992 I always need to stop myself and remind my peanut brain that it is 2016 afterall. We have come a very long way since then so don’t expect all the bells and whistles we all came to expect and love today. No fancy gadgets.

Usually you get an AM/FM radio and a cassette deck. Sometimes an MP3 plug but even that seems old now. So, fair warning my fellow classic lovers. If you are taking your first step into our hobby be prepared for not having the things you take for granted on your current every day car.

However, the benefit to many of the classics is you can still fix a lot of things yourself. And, if something is over your ability it should not cost you your vacation savings to have it repaired.
These Nineties vehicles are not as basic as the old classics, but you don’t need a laptop to repair them, like the modern cars. They are a happy medium between an old classic and what we are used to today. Relatively easy to fix, and still enough modern features to get by.

The classics are the classics for many reasons. Understand them and love them.

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