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By Mark Weisseg

Any of us that have worked for a company long enough know this happens. The company gets too big for its britches and announcements follow. That message is always lets get back to basics. Or, get back to what we do best.

I embrace that knowledge but for many of us we desire to get back to basics once in a while. For example, this 1969 Camaro Z28 would fit that bill.

Sure the rat rods and customized cars will always exist but cars like this one above does the trick. It brings us home.
Just yesterday I was speaking with a neighbor who owns a 1939 Ford truck. He just got done spending nearly 3k on getting the truck back to basics. Brakes, suspension and steering parts. Next up he says this winter he will do the wiring correctly. Someone before him really wired the truck blindfolded it seems. He also told me wherever he goes with the truck people tell him to leave it alone. Meaning, don’t chop it or mess it up.

They get the eye ball whether at the show or just rolling down the street. This Camaro looks like it had some minor upgrades but the basics are here and the car looks stunning. Hats off to all you folks who love the car the way it was. With today’s after markets one can have a radio that looks original but really has more options than the original. Same with many other parts.

So, please think about what you desire and I will bet you that you can have the looks of the original and still get some new creature comforts without defacing what the original car once was. Go for it with vigor and enjoy your pride and joy.

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