Electric 68 Mustang by Bloodshed Motors – 1/4 in 10.7 secs!

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Electric 68 Mustang by Bloodshed Motors – 1/4 in 10.7 secs!


Bloodshed Motors have developed their 68 Mustang ‘zombie 222’ which produces over 800 HP, 1800lbs of torque, 0 – 60 2.4 seconds and a quarter-mile of 10.7 seconds at 125 miles an hour. quite impressive stats.!

Bloodshed Motors are based in Austin, TX, started by muscle car enthusiast Mitch Medford.
There offering – to convert classic cars into electric driven machines that can compete with the best supercars out there.

To some, taking a classic like a 68 Mustang and making it all electric would be an aberration, but the vehicles that are converted are either already resto mods or cars that are primed for modern day options.

Like it or not, future muscle cars are going to have some other fuel source apart from gas (as in petrol, Europe!) and electric seems to be the way.

From initial reports, these electric high-powered vehicles really do prove their worth especially when it comes to torque. You cannot argue with the speed figures up to now, it’s just if you buy into the electric engine as a worthy replacement for our beloved v8s.
But will an electric motor sound as good as a V8??
Maybe in the future watching drag races will be like having the sound turned down, we see what we do today but with no soundtrack.

I think we are still in the ‘interim’ technology stage today. Electric, hydrogen both have potential, but also many down sides – many hours to recharge, lack of a nationwide refuelling infrastructure, better battery technology.

However, the world needs companies like Bloodshed Motors to experiment and push the technology. It is highly likely that the breakthroughs come from a company like this and not one of the big players.

Good luck to bloodshed motors but for the time being, we should all keep enjoying the noise of our engines and regular fuel stops at our convenience, until a solid alternative comes along with a nationwide, simple and quick re-fueling system.

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