American Muscle Cars, The Best Around!

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American Muscle Cars, The Best Around!


As we like to feature on our new musclecar website – the latest generation of muscle cars are finally showing the world the potential of these makers.

A two-door sports car with invariably a post factory tuned V8 and rearwheel drive make the staple of most muscle cars, while European counterparts will most likely be front wheel drive, four-cylinder, low capacity engines with aftermarket upgrades.

Since the early 2000’s muscle car manufacturers have started to wake up to the heritage they came from. Factory models or custom shop enhancements are showing that the latest generation have both the power and the handling.

But the muscle car is not just a powerful engine on wheels, it stands for a certain ethos. That being an already powerful platform that is the basis to be made even better, faster and stronger.
The sound is also massively important. You cannot mistake the voice of the V8 engine. Just check out this audio sample on Chevrolet’s Facebook page. If Pavarotti sang with some gravel in his voice, this is what he would sound like! –

The silence is broken. Every piece of #CamaroSix will be refined in the name of performance. Listen.

Posted by Chevrolet Camaro on Monday, March 16, 2015

It also represents the individual car mechanic who can make there rides into anything they want it to be, just check out some of the restomods out there.

So no matter which is your favourite make and model, the heyday of the muscle cars are coming back and in an environment where ‘eco-friendly’ is the buzzword, a breed of car, not just a maker, are showing that you can have your cake and eat it!

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