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The El Camino SS 396

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By Mark Weisseg

Not too many things in life can get your heart beating faster than a SS 396 engine in a sleeper car. Especially if the sleeper is an El Camino.

The El and the Ford Ranchero are the two car truck offerings from Chevrolet and Ford at one time. Light weight pick up trucks with car like features. Most folks never feared one of these on the street but as you can see this El has a 396 engine under the bonnett.
The biggest issue with that big engine under the hood is keeping the rear end from swaying or fish tailing all over the place. Very much like a lot of cars from the same era. Take any Ford, Chevy or Mopar product from that time with a big block under the hood and you can have a heck of a time at launch. Today, with the enhanced computer aided systems that is no longer the case. But, I can tell you even my ’69 Mopar has that light back end issue.

So, putting that issue aside the El Camino is a really fun car. Drives like a car down the interstate or go pick up the lawn furniture at this home store. Once these cars were stopped from production due to low sales, they instantly became fan favorites. Not classics or high value collectibles but some people just don’t want a pick up truck.

A guy I worked with for years had a slew of the Ford’s and he always seemed to have the 302 engine under the hood with a C 6 transmission. He swore by the versatility of the vehicle and looking back I can see his point. Will either company ever reintroduce these models? Never say never because Ford for example has been talking about a return for the Bronco for years. Sit back, relax and wait. Who knows what will happen. In the meantime this SS396 in this El Camino sleeper is as hot as ever.

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