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The Joys Of The Local Car Show

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, another successful Friday night car show. As seen here, I brought my 700 plus hp Shelby to the event. I parked next to two other Shelbys. Both 2007 models, both white with blue stripes and between the two of them they had less than 10k on the odometer.

They both had the 5.4 engines and we’re both very nice. The evening was a hot one and ironically it was Mustang feature night. So, a bit of everything was there. With the extreme heat I tried like heck to find any kind of shade to cool off the jets. I had a great time meeting some new people and getting to know a few more even better.

I always like these Mustang nights as you see such a wide variety. I washed my car that morning aswell as vacuumed it and treated all the leather. It was only when I opened the hood this evening did I notice I lacked the cleaning towel under the hood. Oh well.

I had plenty of requests to see the monster 5.8 stuffed under the hood. But, I was not there for bragging rights, rather fellowship.
It’s an ideal way to meet new people and getting to know the people you think you know a bit better. I noticed four of the new GT 350 Mustangs roll in and noticed they were all white with the blue stripes. If that were mine I would be a bit ticked off. That’s just me however. There was not another Mustang there like mine. For that reason I had many inquiries. Funny that I was being peppered by questions, but really too busy looking at ’66 and ’67 Mustangs. Both were either convertibles or fast backs. I will still stand by an earlier comment I made that for the money the Mustang is still the all around champion. Whether you buy a new one with the Coyote 5.0 or step up to a GT or GT-R, the price is right and the value is very strong. Next week weather permitting it will be Mopar and AMC night. I will have all week to prep my Road runner to get it looking perfect.

I know it’s just a car show but for the thousands that show up to walk around and view all the cruisers it is a pleasure for both spectators and owners. The guys and gals with the cruisers have a lot of money in the hobby but speaking for myself, the pure joy of the fellowship is what keeps me coming back.
For what was to be a rainy evening turned into a hot, sunny, dry night. Just the kind we all want. Cannot wait until next week. Zooks.

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