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Ecklers Has Everything You Need For Your Muscle Car

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By Dave Ashton

Car parts and where to source them in a consistent fashion is one of the golden information areas when it comes to car restoration. Ecklers has a wealth of car parts, which range across the whole Americana landscape, mostly from Chevy. They also do categories for the Pontiac Firebird, Ford Thunderbird and Macs which covers all Ford parts. The different car models and categories are all listed at the very top of each of their websites.

Their websites are split into different categories covering different model types such as the Chevelle, Camaro and Corvette. This is a good thing as each website is solely dedicated to that model of vehicle making searching easier, instead of wading through different car models to find the part you need on just one website.

The other great thing of splitting the car models up into different websites is that the year models and are easier to search through. Take a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. You simply click on the year and then you are treated to all the different parts ranging from air conditioning, engine related up to wheels and tires. You can also search via brand if you want like 3M products, AC Delco, Hurst, all the way down to vintage Air, X5 lighting and Zymol in alphabetical order.


Each website doesn’t just show you a vast array of car parts, but also information about those car models, clubs and other periphery information. It’s a great way to get some background information about your particular car, along with searching the vast array of parts.

The same for the Camaro website. I clicked on the years 1967 to 1969, which went to a page giving an outline of those model years, a brief history and the particular characteristics of those models. You then click through to the parts page via your year of choice and get the same wealth of parts to choose from.


Like any parts supplier there will always be certain items not in stock or not listed on the website, but you can at least ring the hotline and see if they can source the part for you, which is always a great help.

If you follow this link all Eckler’s websites are giving up to 33% off car parts over the Memorial weekend, so now is the time to buy your muscle car parts.

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