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Don’t Be Afraid To Get Dirty With Your Muscle Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

It is easy when you have a lot of money to buy your dream car. Just locate it, wire the dough and wait for your new classic to show up. It’s easy and simple if you can afford it.

For those of us not wealthy enough, the only way to get what you desire is to get oily and dirty. Yes, that is me a couple of years ago tearing down an engine to the bare block.
When you get dirty you appreciate the vehicle much more. You treat it differently and protect it like its a real breathing thing. I sure do. It helps you better understand the inner workings if you have grease up to your elbows and you truly appreciate the work you put in.

I recall busted knuckles, headaches, worrisome nights and my brain packed with solutions for the problems. Would I have liked to do it the other way? No. I like skin in the game no matter what it is. If it’s a delivery of five yards of garden mulch you will appreciate the flower beds more after you shoveled that stuff all day. You basically need to get in there, get your hands dirty and feel first-hand how a car works and there is no better way to do this than with a classic muscle car. The mechanics are far more straightforward than today’s vehicles, which allows you to play and tinker to to get the optimum settings. Pure mechanics guys, not a laptop and software.

Today, I see a whole generation of clickers and keyboard punchers. Everyone needs to understand how tough things can be. Working with your hands is working with your brain. Nothing is funny about having a hundred nuts, bolts, washers, screws and more spread out on the floor. Where do they all go? The process can be numbing at times but when you finish you feel you can take on anything. So, get dirty and learn. It’s the only way Chumly.

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