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Dodge Concentrate On Muscle Cars As Everyone Goes Electric

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By Dave Ashton

Muscle car fans have been witness to some murky clouds on the horizon for some time. Those clouds being the onset of electric vehicles or EVs. Luckily, we are quite a few years off the internal combustion engine going away. Although the likes of Tesla, General Motors, and Ford amongst others are gearing up for big EV investments, it’s the car company Dodge that are still all in with plans to produce V8s for the foreseeable future.

What Kind of Car Does Dodge Make?

Dodge make a variety of vehicles from small cars such as the Dodge Caliber, sedans like the Dodge Challenger and Charger, pickups like the Dodge Dakota and Ram 1500, and SUVs like the Durango. While Dodge are known for a wide variety of vehicles, it is the performance vehicle line which includes the Charger and Challenger Hellcat which shows the most promise of longevity with a traditional V8 engine.

What Dodge Car has the Most Horsepower?

In order of horsepower rating, Dodge has the limited edition Demon with 840HP, the newer Super Stock at 807HP, the Redeye at 797HP, and the regular Hellcat with 717HP. As all the Dodge Demon vehicles were snapped up a few years ago, it’s now the Super Stock which is the most powerful Dodge vehicle currently available.

The Hellcat engine has clearly made a mark in the car world at large, so it’s no surprise that for the 2021 year the Durango SUV will also be treated to the 710HP of fun. Power, the thrill of the ride, and plenty of torque are the names of the game here, so why go off track and build a bunch of EVs when there is clearly still a market for these powerful vehicles.

The 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 housed vehicles have also had a few external tweaks to make them slightly more economical. The front splitter produces a 10% reduction in lift to the front end, while the rear spoiler creates 140 of downforce, providing a total of up to 30% of aerodynamic improvements.

Therefore, Dodge has no plans in the coming years to throw in the towel as they continue to spearhead the V8 movement.

Are Dodge cars reliable?

In 2019, Dodge jumped up 13 places to number eight in Consumer Report’s rankings of reliability, with the Dodge Challenger getting the highest placing. This placing was ahead of Ford and Chevrolet who came in 16th and 25th place, making Dodge the most reliable American-made manufacturer.

Limited Edition Gold Rush Paint

Limited Edition Gold Rush Paint

At this stage of the game, Dodge doesn’t have major plans for any new models in 2021, but there will be a limited edition gold rush color and more wide-body options. The wide-body options will come to he R/T Scat Pack Shaker and the T/A 392, while previously the option was only available to the Redeye, SRT Hellcat, and R/T Scat Pack.

To grab hold of this limited edition color it will be available for the T/A, T/A 392, Hellcat, and Hellcat Redeye. Those vehicles will need to have also picked the options of the black satin hood, trunk, and roof. This new color joins other retro looks which include F8 Green, Frostbite, Go Mango, Hellraisin, Sinamon Stick, and TorRed.

At this point in the schedule, Dodge still has no plans for a redesign for either the Challenger or Charger. There is no surprise there when both models fall into the category of, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’


To the outside world, it may seem like Dodge is just being pedantic, slogging on with ever more powerful V8 vehicles. However, the market and enthusiasm are still there for this type of car and unlikely to go away soon. In terms of sheer horsepower for the money, you can’t really do better. Plus, as these types of vehicles are a niche following, in the grand scheme of things they will have as much long-term impact as the production of any EV vehicle.


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