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Dodge Daytona Snowed In

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By Mark Weisseg

Tally ho and one for the snow. Yes, it really is a Dodge Daytona up to its wheel wells in the white stuff. For any of us fast muscle car lovers we know better. I would lay odds if this was your car this would be the last place it would be. The picture is a bit dated so I would hope by now the mighty Dodge has a new and better home.

The Daytona does not bring the same money as its sister car the Plymouth Super Bird but this is no way to treat any classic. Yes, we can find examples from the past of car Like this being daily drivers but not to this level. Sure we saw classics like this with trailer hitches, snow tires, chains on the tires and more. But today these once daily cars are revered to a much higher standard. Yes, today claims of “rare”, never been in the rain, adult driven, non smoker, and much more are thrown around like horse shoes. Why? Money. What else. And who can prove you wrong? Another trick back in the day was cars that were built to look like the real thing. Today that under handed practice continues so put your detective glasses on and be ready to really do your home work. Now, a reputable dealer today would not try such a low down trick but a ruthless private owner might. These guys have become quite good at faking numbers and fooling the innocent. My suggestion would be if you are going to buy a very expensive classic car get yourself an expert. It will be worth the extra couple of hundred dollars for an expert to determine if you have the real thing or just a snow job. It’s your money honey so watch it closely.

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