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Disinfect Your Muscle Car From The COVID-19 Coronavirus

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By Dave Ashton

The COVID-19 coronavirus has put a complete dampener on the usual day-to-day muscle car fun. With many people having stopped work or working from home, there is now no excuse to go and give your car a thorough once over in the cleanliness department. Many of you will already be keeping your car’s interior as clean as a surgeon table, but it’s now more important than ever to not just keep all those surfaces shiny, but now also Coronavirus free.

As we are talking about cars here, we have to be a little more careful with what we use on all those precious surfaces. This means thinking about all the different materials in play inside a car, such as plastics, metal and leather, which may all need their own individual treatment.

Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC outlines in the video below how we can best clean and disinfect the interior of a car. He demonstrates on something called a Subaru Outback, whatever that is, but the same principles apply to our far superior muscle cars.

Lots of items covered in the video, such as the steering wheel, keys and door handles, but without going through a huge list, it’s basically anything we touch with our bare hands. Which in many cases is everything. At this point the COVID-19 virus could last on surfaces for some time, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and make sure everything that our sticky paws have come into contact with needs a good clean and disinfecting.

The video also covers how different cleaning products will react with the materials of your car. So it’s always mindful to use the right products for the right materials. Read the instructions on all cleaning products and take note of the materials they are best used on and effective time period for keeping things clean.

If you want a full list of disinfectants that are useful against COVID-19, then check out this list from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. If these products are hard to purchase in your area, than the listed active ingredients may be something you already have in your household.


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