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The Definitive Camaro Guide Book Review

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Review by Mark Weisseg

(The Definitive Camaro Guide) 1970 and a half to 1981.

The author is Jason Scott and the book comes from the always reliable Car Tech.
To begin with the book is in hard cover form. Mr.Scott lays out right away a basic story line that is easy to follow. Short paragraphs, basic pictures, and enough information for you to follow along.

Included in this definitive guide book are statistics and informational data that will make you an expert. Let’s face the real world here. Across this country and around the world the Camaro from these years are a record smashing win for General Motors. The cars are still highly sought after today and make a car enthusiast get excited. Call this book the Encyclopedia if you wish because it is. Thankfully it is not seven hundred pages of long boring text. Nope, Jason Scott gets to the point on each and every subject matter. I attest to being a mild Camaro lover so I started out a bit weary expecting just another book on these popular cars. Very quickly I began to understand the trail Jason was taking me on. When I finished I decided this book goes into my library for future reference. I believe that is what the author was shooting for anyway. If that was his goal then he succeeded in his quest. I try to use a scale of one to five when reviewing books related to the automotive industry. To make the scale understandable I use the number one for terrible, lousy, and we should have not cut a tree down. The number five is the top rating to which I believe the book is the best. Best regarding the writing, the pictures, and the data provided. You can understand the numbers 2,3,4 easily enough. This scale is used universally throughout eateries and hotel chains. So, what did Mr. Scott score for this book? Easily a number five. Congratulations on hitting the nail on the head. It is the Definitive book of the Chevrolet Camaro 1970 and a half to 1981.

The book can be purchased from CarTech in hardback form. It is 192 pages with over 419 photos. It’s available now for a mere $39.95 plus shipping and handling in the states. Go to for the best book you will read regarding one of the finest cars ever produced in the modern era.

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