Dealership joyrider Caught on Corvette Data Recorder

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We have all heard stories of cars being taken in for a service and taken for a joyride by one of the technicians.

Luckily, we now have the technology to clock these incidents as shown by this video.

This little joyride was captured by a customer after taking his car to Three-Way Chevrolet in Bakersfield, California.
The data recorder shows that the car was taken up to 83 mph and the gas was floored a few times through the journey.

The video was originally posted by presumably the car’s owner on the Corvette forum.
Luckily, nothing bad happened to the car and presumably it’s down to the individual technicians fault rather than the dealership, but that’s little consolation if something did go wrong with the car.

Lessons to us all, if you have a high performance, high value vehicle and you don’t have a data recorder, maybe get one installed. Better safe than sorry.

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