Chevrolet Corvette Smashes The Electric Vehicle Speed Record, 205MPH

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A Modified Chevrolet Corvette has just broken the world record for the fastest (EV) electric vehicle.
The Genovation Extreme Electric Car (GXE) hit 205.6mph (333.8km) during a run at NASA’s Kennedy space Centre, Florida.

The record was certified by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA), having beat the previous record of 186.8mph set in February this year, also by GXE.

The car in question is a highly modified Corvette, which produces over 600 HP and 570 pound feet of torque and has a range of 130 miles.
Twin electric motors are used with batteries, having 44 kwh in place of the old fuel tank.

Genovation are planning on finalising the car for sale later in 2016.

It’s good to know that the progression of the electric engine is at least being incorporated into American muscle and sports cars.
Could this be the dawn of electric muscle cars?

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