Could This Be The New Dodge Charger Design?

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new charger

By Dave Ashton

There’s no denying that the latest Dodge Charger has got its money’s worth out of the current design. The latest model will be turning nine years old this year, with its 10th birthday coming up ever nearer. A remarkable feat for any car model, but just like the Dodge Challenger, fans are itching for a new design.

The problem is that sales of the Dodge Charger are ever more buoyant and there is a definite method of thinking, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ A redesigned Charger ‘may’ come out in the next few years(possibly 2023), but that hasn’t stopped a few designers, in particular Marouane Bembli aka ‘TheSketchMonkey’ coming up with their own ideas of how the new Charger should look. You can check out TheSketchMonkey’s design and methodology below.

Love or hate the design, the video at least gives the thought processes behind the changes made. In a nutshell, this interpretation has more square lights and generally a more squared off look. The front fascia also has a more busy design than the current model and although he says it’s more about the focus on power than styling, I think the softer lines of present look more appealing.

You’re going to get a better idea of the design differences with the image below. For me, the straight grille and lighting closures is reminiscent of older muscle cars. But, on the modern design, the slightly curved front end looks the better of the two. However, the longer, more chiseled sides of the new design look quite appealing, almost making the car appear longer than it actually is.
new charger

The iconic 1969 Dodge Charger

Okay, the Dodge Charger was birthed in 1966, but it’s arguably the second generation and roughly the 1968-1969 Dodge Charger designer that is the most iconic. The huge, split front grille, long smoothed out body and rounded rear taillights. It’s also the design that made it to the most movies and TV shows.

Dodge are hardly going to pump out a reproduction of this classic, but it will give you an idea after a few seconds of staring at the thing where some of the design principles of today come from.
Should Dodge make a modern version of this Charger or opt. for a completely new design?
1969 dodge charger

Can the design be improved?

Which brings us to the official redesign of the Dodge Charger. When a concept design is measured up against the current model, it’s easy to see why the latest design has lasted so long. Not too out of place from modern sedans, but still having muscle car aesthetics. The more rounded lines of the current model simply look more bulbous and muscular. Fitting the original muscle car statement of being a medium-size sedan with that extra level of performance and power.

Whoever redesigns the next Dodge Charger is going to be rewarded with a large bonus if they can make everybody happy with the next version. Changing the look of something that’s worked for nearly a decade is a tough proposition. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was only minor changes to the current model, with most of the upgrades being under the skin.

Either way, we’re going to have to wait a good few years before we see any type of design change. In the meantime, revel in the success of a design which has hit the mark and not had to change for the sake of it. In this case, change may not always be for the better.

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