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The Costs Of Restoring A Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

I have faith in all of you that have done performed a car restoration or paid someone else to do it for you. Either way it’s a big bite out of your budget.

If you are not in love with your project this bait is hard to swallow. I have added up at times what I have spent over the years and it is alarming.
However, I had alot of fun and would do it all over again. Certainly between insurance, upkeep, gas and all the other Mumbo jumbo once you are done, all the sweat and toil is worth it. People also sell their unfinished restoration projects and this is where you can swoop in and take over.

I know that sounds terrible but it’s business my brother. People sell due to divorce, education, illness and so on. You must have some funds set aside for those moments. Say you always wanted a Yenko Camaro. You cannot afford it. But, you hear about some poor guy is selling. If you had saved for that rainy day fund the Yenko will sit in your garage now. I know it sounds cruel but he is going to sell it anyway so you might as well be the one to buy it. That’s business.

But the cold facts are car restorations cost money and usually a lot of the stuff. running out of money, enthusiasm and motivation are usually the reasons why a project never gets finished. However, ask anybody who’s gone through the whole process and they will tell you they would prefer the fruits of their labor, rather than the room full of money…… well, maybe!

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