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Why Convertible Muscle Cars Are the Hottest to Own

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By Mark Weisseg

I love looking at the old Mopar’s. I admit my bias because I own one, but this one caught my good eye because it’s black and it’s a drop top. You must admit a car looks very different with the top down.

You all know the experts in our industry say drop the top and the value goes up. It’s true. they are produced in the least numbers, usually have the rarest options and are thus worth the most. If you like the sun beating on you while you are driving then there is no better way to go.
With the right weather conditions, a convertible is the only way to travel, but through bad weather conditions at a ragtop and you may be better off with a hardtop car which ultimately has more headroom.
T tops or full tinted glass tops are nice but if you want to hear someone swearing at you for your driving skills convertibles are the only way to go.

Last year at a car show a small but unexpected rain cloud decided to unload on us in the parking lot. The rag top people raised the roof as the storm unleashed ten minutes of liquid sunshine. The boys with the fake Shelby Cobras had to run and hide but still landed up with water inside the car.

I think it’s time I enjoy the sun beating on me, my hair in knots and bugs in my teeth. I am always jealous on a beautiful summer night when I see a guy driving along with his top down and heater on high. I am headed to some auctions this fall so we will see if I too can join your ranks.

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