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Would You Consider A Classic Truck?

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Older trucks from the 70’s are super hot right now. It started a few years ago with the long bed, two wheel drive Ford and Chevys that were getting the big money. I have not seen many in the Dodge crowd yet but, the Fords and Chevys are still strong.

I say that as I watch the prices zooming upward and it appears it does not matter what engine is under the hood. they have the added advantage that these trucks are easy to work on and modify if you desire. Under the hood access seems unlimited. Open the hood and listen to the echo.

Some suffered from rust issues back in the day but, today that is an easy fix. Parts are everywhere with some companies dedicated only to the trucks of that era.
Some trucks were a pain in the neck if you wanted to even check the rear brakes. Some trucks you had to pull the axles out to access the drums and peak inside. You would do all of that only to find the brakes were like new of course. They had simple steering and suspensions and they rode like …. Trucks. But, today you can change that ride and make a great handling truck. Slap in big power under the hood and you are good to go.

You could argue that the growing interest in trucks has been helped by some of the car TV shows out there which has shown truck restorations, from a straightforward classic to gnarly ratrods.

Trucks may not be everybody’s first option, but all things considered, they make a great alternative as a classic vehicle with the muscle car ethos of being relatively cheap to afford and easy to upgrade.

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