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Finding good classic car insurance or muscle car insurance can be a long drawn-out process as the typical classic car has different criteria than the average car.
Comparison sites and insurance tables don’t usually give you the most competitive rates for classics, so a lot of the time it is down to your own research.

Below is a list of the most common classic car insurers which we have compiled from online reviews and recommendations. They are in no particular order and we don’t give any personal preferences as it can all depend on what car you have and your own personal circumstances.
We do recommend shortlisting classic car insurers from reading online reviews, then essentially shortlisting the best and most competitive quotes, then deciding from there.

Car clubs are also a good recommendation for advice on classic car insurers. Their members will be able to give you direct feedback on who is good and who’s bad.

In all, be satisfied and confident with your classic car insurance. Make sure it fits your needs and don’t be won over by additional benefits, it’s the core insurance policy that matters.

Car Insurance Calculator Online
This is a good starting point as an online car insurance calculator. It’s there to give you a rough starting point for the possible costs and what can be covered.

Grundy Worldwide Insurance
Grundy’s has a good reputation online. They were established in 1947 in Philadelphia and ensure vehicles from a plus plus an A+ rated carriers.

21st Century Insurance
Car insurance amongst other insurance offerings. Competitive rates and good online reviews.

CWG Collector Car Insurance
Known for their close customer relationships and traditional values. Good competitive rates.

J.C.Taylor Insurance Agency
Classic car insurers who seem to only specialize in that service always give peace of mind. This applies to JC Taylor, but obviously the rates you will have to compare with the rest to find if it is the best deal for you.

Hagerty Insurance
A large insurance company with many offerings which has its plus and minus points. Like all the other companies, you will have to get a quote and compare it with the rest.

Lant Insurance Brokers
These guys look like they could be brokers for Hagerty , but this doesn’t mean that you cannot get a quote from them as they could get discounted rates. Get a quote and see how it compares.

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