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Choosing Your Muscle Car Wheels

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By Mark Weisseg

Holy Smokes a topic I have ignored for a while. Wheels.
At one time it was easy. Take off your stock wheels and put on either Cragar SS or chrome reverse. Easy. Done.

Not so today with literally thousand to chose from and the technology to actually design and make your own. Wheels are like shoes. You don’t buy a top quality suit, shirt and tie and then wear old beat up shoes. No, you buy a top quality shoes that match and enhances your attire. So, you must do the same for your ride.

Unless you have a sleeper look like one of mine, wheels are key to making your car or truck stand out. People powder coat wheels today to ensure they do not rust and certain quality products are made just to clean, wax and protect your wheels.

I like my wheels on my new Shelby but they are a pain in my fat ass to clean. I bought this miracle spray cleaner from a reputable company last week. Just spray the stuff on, let it soak for 30 seconds and wash off with a garden hose. Simple. Except it sucks. It takes off a layer but it still is not clean. Hence when I get to SEMA next week it’s on my radar to find a product that works without a lot of wiping. We shall see.

In the meantime spend some time looking at the alternatives for your ride. Most wheel companies today have software in which you load a picture of your ride into the site and then you can add or subtract wheels. Certainly is easier that years ago. I bought a tire and wheel package from Tire Rack last year. A box showed up in about a week with the Tire pressure sensors mounted and I just took off the old wheels and bolted on the new. Easy, quick, and the car looks great. Times have changed a lot in this industry all of the better so make your educated decisions easy and your car or truck will look 100 percent better. Gadzooks!

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