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Check Out This Wild 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix

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By David Ashton

Engine: 389 cid V-8
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 97,644
Classified ad price: US $79,990.0

Sometimes, we feature rides such as this one, not because it’s a bargain or it’s a massive rarity, but just because it’s unusual.


The standout feature of this Pontiac is obviously the custom orange and white paint with the gold pearl overlay.
We put this out to our Facebook page yesterday to gauge the reaction which ranged the full gamut of comments from amazing to W***F, as you would have probably expected.
Love or hate the paint job, it certainly stands out to me as almost hypnotizing, as it’s just so unusual, but at the same time immensely beautiful.

Apparently, the car is ‘ an exact clone of the one that custom cars legend Richard Zocchi purchased in 1962 from Gene Winfield.’

The car comes with three factory two bbl. carburetors, an automatic transmission, having had a recent full restoration.
Certain things have been changed on the ride, which include the custom grill, tail lights, and the seating.

The full restoration means that you end up with a show car, with a highly original paint job.

As this ride is such an oddball, it may be hard to say if it’s worth the asking price in some ways, but in any case, you will definitely have a head turner and something you can say no one else owns.





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