Could The Challenger SRT Demon Come With 4 Wheel Drive?

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by Dave Ashton

When the hellcat variants of the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger were announced, they flew out of the showrooms with much praise from the muscle car fraternity. When the 2017 Challenger GT was announced in four-wheel-drive version, some got the idea, but most purists wanted their muscle cars to be rearwheel drive only for that tail sliding action. The four-wheel-drive idea of the GT was a good one, but the engine proposed is only the 3.6 L Pentastar V6. We really wanted some variation of the Hell engine if it was going to come in four-wheel-drive. Now the news is buzzing about the new Challenger SRT Demon, which should have some variation of Hellcat engine, but could it come in a four-wheel-drive variant?

There is no official release to say what exact engine will be dropped into the new SRT Demon, but it could have anything up to 800 HP with a modified hellcat engine with some weight loss, upgraded supercharger and ECU tuning. Tuning outfits such as Hennessey have been able to raise the bar for the whole engine up to 852 HP and even 1032 HP with turbochargers and not a huge amount of changes. The final horsepower output won’t be anything as much as this, but an enhanced hellcat engine with four wheel drive is entirely possible.
Having a muscle car that can take on top track times along with being fast down the dragstrip could be the new way forward, but it’s likely it won’t be the only offering from the new SRT Demon as rearwheel drive has to be the way to go to be pure muscle.
On the other hand, with Dodge releasing a fourwheel drive GT model, the same drivetrain could be offered for other models in the future, probably with that same Pentastar V6, but we would like to think a hellcat variation would be much more appealing across-the-board. Thoughts?

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