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Car Talk: A Fine Line Of Modding.

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By Mark Weisseg

When we were kids if we saw a car like this go by we would laugh and call it a bomb or a heap. Today, that slander would sound like a positive statement.
It can be a very fine line between a heap of a car and a ‘ratty’ vehicle or a car with a nice Patina or one rusted to oblivion.

I find nothing positive about the car in the picture. Somebody, somewhere took this car to a new low level. In as much as I like patina and originality, I find nothing positive in this car. This car has all the bones of a great ride whether it is a rat rod or a hot rod, it just doesn’t look finished. Especially for a car show.
My guess is the owner made his own version of a rat rod and I am sure the car gets plenty of attention. I will also bet people look at it in awe for thirty seconds and move on as this car is a junker deluxe.

I am not sure if the owner thinks it’s funny or that was his best effort at a rat rod but he failed on all accounts. I have seen rat rods up close and when you study one you can see great detail and thought went into certain items. This barnyard wreck had no thought put into it and it is a embarrassing car to be seen in or near.

Folks, if you want to express your talents in the car world you have everyone’s blessing but please put some thought into it.
The rattiest looking ratrod up close is as well finished as any car. The ‘lofi’ detailing is as carefully thought through, as any vehicle and that’s the point.
Maybe I have missed the point here and the look is meant to be something thrown together. However, that’s what it looks like, thrown together.

Rolling artwork is exactly that, artwork. This means as long as somebody out there gains inspiration, it’s done its job.
If you’re going to make a ratrod, at least make it the full works.

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