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By Mark Weisseg

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I go to auctions once in a while and as you know search the Internet everyday. Why? Well, I am always looking for what is out there for my collection as well as friends collections.

Signs have exploded over the past few years. Why? Well a combination of things. First the TV show American Pickers. They drove the prices of signs into orbit. Second, some people decided signs look good in there garages.

So, I started looking at signs and found for the most part they are way over priced. When the end comes the sign market will crash. Why anyone would pay a thousand dollars for a two sided sign that is rusted and worn is beyond me.
At first sign buyers bought them and flipped them. Now, there is some flipping going on but that has slowed down. Now it seems more people are buying to hold on to them. Either way people are searching everywhere for any kind of sign to sell.

I was floored at a recent auction when a two sided sign sold for 1,200 bucks. That’s a bunch of money for sure. To flip it would be hard as that is about the top price. To give you another example of a concern I saw this. A Eco meter air station. A guy out of the Cleveland area has had his on the web for months at $1,200. Not a bad price since it is original and pretty nice. I saw a new one at Mecum’s for $2,300.

So, why can’t this poor guy in Cleveland sell the real deal for 1,200? I’ll tell you why. The burner is not on high anymore. Sign prices have dipped as have the other automobile items. They are still strong but the fad has run its course and now has slowed to the real world we live in. Collectors love signs and automobile stuff but the days of the super high prices are over.

Certainly the very rare items will still demand a good price but a everyday sign that says GOODYEAR has slowed. Finally. Now, real collectors like me can get items for real prices and enjoy our finds without knowing we been had.

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