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Car Graveyards: Never Their Last Resting Place

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I wanted to start off this article in a kind of Stephen King’ish way, all spooky and eerie-like, due to ‘graveyards’ being in the title, but as I am probably as skilled a horror writer as Donald Trump is trying to be a president, I will just stick to my usual bumbling prose.

Car graveyards are littered across the planet. It’s just a matter of finding them.
They are getting more and more scarce as people find these rusty treasure troves, but some are still out there.

Below are the most popular ones found on the Internet which feature good old American muscle.

The Chatillon Car Graveyard, Belgium.
The story goes that all these rusted cars once belonged to US soldiers, left after they departed from World War II. They couldn’t bring their beloved vehicles home with them, so they were left to rot in the forest environment.
The Chatillon Car Graveyard-56

Japans American Muscle-car graveyard
This muscle car graveyard is one of the more featured on the Internet, which means that the word has been out for some time. It’s still amazing to see such a stockpile of disregarded muscle cars.

Dubai’s Abandoned Muscle Cars
This is an interesting one.
Not long ago I was speaking with an ex-army guy who was stationed in Dubai. He said that it was amazing the amount of cars that were just dumped mainly from people who wanted the Dubai lifestyle, but in the end, simply couldn’t afford it.
This video seems to back up that story, so if you have the financial resources, maybe Dubai is a good place to start for your global muscle car finds.

Alabama’s Dodge Graveyard
This graveyard seems to belong to Stephen’s performance  who boast over 700 Dodge cars and trucks!
This seems to be a going concern for old Dodge parts, so it may be the place to find any old Dodge part you may be in need of.
You may need a few days here!
Alabamas Dodge Graveyard

…and obviously

This is obviously just a very small selection of what is out there, from the smallest lock up to an old barn in the country, the cars are out there, we just need to find them.

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