Car Culture Connects Us To Our History And Health

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The title of this article is a total opposite from the post ‘Car culture disconnects us from our history and health’ from the Star Herald post which, on the surface, may seem like a direct hate campaign to car culture, but it seems the basis of the article is from an old building being demolished to be replaced by a parking lot, seemingly built as people just don’t want to walk, they simply want to park their cars as near as they can to where they work.

It also says how car culture is the reason for out-of-town shopping malls and the demise of the small downtown shops and stores, asking us all as an alternative to walk more.

Unless I have got the wrong end of the stick here, it seems like the demise of an old building to be replaced by a parking lot has been extrapolated out to mean car culture has made us all into this homogenised, cookie cutter society, which is really too simplistic.
Society is far more complex than that and the reason why we have the automobile in the first place is not to encourage laziness, dismiss our past and to homogenise society, but to solve many transportation problems, along with being a hobby, fun and a social tool.

No one can deny walking more is beneficial. No one can deny that driving to the Mall is more convenient than walking, but even if we still had the horse and cart, big business would have still had the idea of centralising our shopping experience in one huge, out-of-town complex, where everything is under one roof. Without the automobile we would still get there on horse and cart, bicycle, legs, whatever it took, as we are quite industrious as humans, it’s just that the car is here, so we use that.

Essentially, the argument is just not cut and dry and if cars disappeared tomorrow, it wouldn’t mean all the independent shops came back to the small towns, we walk everywhere and everywhere will become a cleaner a nicer place, where all buildings last forever. We would probably just come up with another solution for our transportation needs and in the long run, that solution(s) would have its fair share of advocates and dissenters, they would have to be stored somewhere as most would only one.

Our society is complex and has so many different influencing factors, some of them good, some of them bad.
You could even say that the rise of the Internet has made us lazier and wanting things faster and more convenient, but that’s just one point of many.

So all this rhetoric is really about striking a balance, where we can still have the humble automobile, enjoy our history and heritage, keep our old buildings and walk more often.
Just as the disappearance of an old building to be replaced by a parking lot is bad, so would the disappearance of the car completely.

So, why not strike a balance rather than the usual tact of completely eradicating one, as if it is the only bad guy.

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