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Can You Buy A 1971 Cuda For Reasonable Money?

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By Dave Ashton

As with many things in life, the older something becomes with rare options the more they are worth. A Penny from 100 years ago may not be worth a lot, but if it has a certain imperfection, misprint or addition, the price can skyrocket. The same with muscle cars. Those vehicles that were made in limited numbers and also had options rarely ordered at the time, means a vehicle worth a lot of money. 1970 and 1971 Hemi Cudas can now fetch over the million or two mark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a vehicle of that year for reasonable money.

Cudas from 1970 and 1971 in the affordable bracket will mean a lower sized and powered engine, it won’t have any rare options, but it will definitely have all the design features and DNA of the most expensive vehicles. This listing on for a 1971 Cuda 340 automatic is going for $26,500.


A more run down 1971 version with a 318ci. engine, which is very solid and has a complete interior is going for a buy it now price of $20,000 on Ebay.


If you want to start buying into vehicles which are convertibles, have a few rarer options and are in a far better condition, the price will start reaching $100k as in this example, which is a 71 convertible with a 318ci. in excellent condition.

Like any vintage vehicle, the less you want to pay the more dilapidated the vehicle will be and the more work and money you will have to invest to bring it up to par. This route makes the most sense when you find a vehicle which is rundown, cheap, has rare options in limited numbers and in prime condition has the biggest gap between what you paid and what it eventually could be worth. More investigation and knowledge needed, but the outcome can be the most satisfying and beneficial.

Good value Cudas are still out there, it is just getting harder and harder to find them.

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