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1966 Dodge Charger 383ci Restoration Project

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 440ci (originally a 383ci)
Transmission: 4 speed Manual
Exterior Color: Red
Mileage: 69,391
Current bid:US $9,600.00


When it comes to Dodge Chargers and their pecking order, it’s usually the second generation from 1968 to 1970 that gets the most attention, then the third generation from 1971 to 74. The Fourth generation from 75 to 78 went the way of most vehicles in the mid-70s, luxury over substance, but it’s the first gen. from 66 to 67 that have all the embryonic design features that made the next two generations classics.

This ’66 examples as have the same owner for the last 30 years and is said to be 1 of only 2809 built with 69,391 actual miles. It originally had a 383ci. which is available, but now has a 440ci. It’s unclear if the 383ci. is an additional cost on top of the car or not. Either way, the car isn’t running at this time. Not surprisingly, as the engine image looks like it’s been dug up from a lake.

The car is said to have some rare features, ‘Rare factory air-conditioning, Powersteering, Original “Bright red” car still wearing it’s original paint, Door jambs as well, Original white bucketseat interior, Center console w/4 speed floorshift, Factory tachometer, Gauges, and clock, Hideaway headlights.’ The listing also has the Fender tag decoded, which is always a nice addition to any listing as below.

The car is not in completely rundown shape, but will need checking out from top to toe to see what needs replacing, welding up or just needs a scrub up. Lots of potential here, which could be quite easily returned back to original or made into a cool restomod.


Production date February 03, 1966
Shipping order 09161
Car line DODGE Charger
Price class Premium
Body type 2 door sports hardtop
Trim Grade Premium [32P]
Seat type Bucket vinyl [334]
Trim color White and black [34W]
Paint 1 Bright red [27P]
Paint 2 Bright red [28P]
Paint scheme Mono tone paint [291]
Accent stripes White [29W]
Upper door frame paint White
Engine 383 4bbl HP 8cyl 325hp B [376/382]
Transmission Transmission-4speed manual floor shift [393]
26in radiator yoke
Radio Radio-AM Music Master/economy 2 W [421]
Heater Air conditioning w/ heater [411]
Bucket seat accessories Console [486]
Front bucket seats Bucket seats [564]
Mirrors Mirror-outside LH remote [536]
-OR- Moulding-bumper reveal [546]
Vehicle sales/delivery Spotlight-LH 5in pillar mounted [671]
-OR- Oversize manual antenna [681]
-OR- Sold car/expedite [691]




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