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Can You Change A Car Tire?

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw a young man recently standing next to his car on the side of the road. He had a flat tire and he looked bored. Then it hit me. He does not know how to put the spare on. Is he calling mommy for help? Or is it triple A? Either way I am ashamed of him and whomever did not enlighten him to the basics.

We live in a world of instant gratification. Drive through everything it seems. But once upon a time we did not live this way. When I was in high school we had shop classes. How to do basic wiring, how to build something or fix something. Many schools had drivers education classes and an auto shop.
This is where young minds learned the basics. Today that all has been replaced by learning how to play tennis or badminton. Schools always blame costs. We don’t have the money they scream! Raise our taxes so we get more money and we can do this! Well, that is debatable but whatever happened to Dad or Mom showing you how to do the basics?
Most if not all of us fast muscle car people know what makes our cars tick. We know when we hear a sound that is not right. What is the grinding noise? Do you hear that hissing sound? All basic items. Certainly it is easier to call Mommy or Triple A but do any of you want to see your classic car on the back of a tow truck? Heaven forbid.

When it comes to our cars it is so important to teach the basics. Change a tire, what not to touch when the engine is hot, what the lights on the dash mean, and by all means how to fill up the gas tank. I hope you agree with me on this subject. If you do then go out there and teach the basics. If not, ask Mom.

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