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The Mighty 1967 Plymouth GTX

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1967 Plymouth GTX-2

By Mark Weisseg

So many books have been written about the amazing fast muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s I doubt I could add anything else. What I will add is my two cents on this car, the 1967 Plymouth GTX.

The car equipped with the 383, 426, or the 440 engine is an amazing car. Finding one with a Hemi is hard to do and when you do find one the sticker price will make you cringe. This car is one of my all time favorite cars. Why? Well, the ’67 Plymouth could be bought with a slant six engine, a 318 engine and then upward from there.

Everything from the magnum 500 wheels to the carefully placed chrome makes this car special. Now, throw a convertible at this and the rarity gets stronger. The interiors are just beautiful. Simple, functional, and yet they are properly placed and useful. Sturdy bench seats in most of them and most had automatic transmissions. For me the styling is the key. There is something that is special to me.

That may be true of most of our fast muscle cars. You cannot confuse this with a Mustang unless the antennas on your tin foil hat don’t operate as expected. That was and is the best feature of our classics. You could not possibly confuse a Z28 with a Dodge Charger. Today’s so called fast muscle cars are hard to tell apart. In fact other than the Challenger, Mustang, Corvette, and Camaro of new I don’t see much of anything else. That is unless you jump the shark and go foreign. And that is a shark we don’t jump anyway. We are all about fast muscle cars -American style. It seems like everyday we read rumors of a new and improved Camaro or a mid engine Vette. Now we hear about a Mustang GT 500 in the making. Folks this is all good news. Let the big three keep fighting over horsepower, handling, and style. It benefits you and I in the long run. We all try to figure out what will be the next big collectible car and it appears it is right in front of us. As mentioned, the hellcat engines, the GT350 Mustangs and the ZL1 Camaro. Now if the Corvette ever gets that mid engine in 2018 that will be an instant collectible too. But for now we need to wait and watch. What do you think is the future collectible car?

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