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Call a Mechanic! 5 Signs Your Muscle Car’s Battery Is Dying

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Wondering if it is time to replace your car’s battery? Luckily, there are signs pointing to issues with your battery before your car won’t start.

Keeping up with your battery will save you from being stranded somewhere at the worst possible time. Here are some signs it’s time to call a mechanic to replace that car battery.

  1. Electrical Problems or Dim Lights

Your battery gives power to all your car’s electrical components. This includes your lights, dashboard, radio, and more. When your battery starts losing its charge, it will have a difficult time running these components at their full power, so they appear dim.

If you start to see that the lights appear not as bright as normal, that’s because there is not enough power and your battery is losing its charge. You can also tell by looking at your headlights. If they are dimmer than normal, this is another sign that your battery is starting to go.

  1. Engine Is Slow to Start

With the passage of time, your battery’s inside components will become less effective and simply wear out. When you turn your engine on, is it taking longer than normal to start? If so, this means your battery is working harder than normal to create a charge.

This is another sign you need to replace your battery.

  1. Check Engine Light Turns on

Think of your “check engine” light as a catch-all, warning you that something is wrong. It may or not be your battery, but it is not uncommon for a dying battery to trigger this light. Most of the time, auto service technicians will check the battery first when this light appears.

  1. Your Battery Is Old

The average car battery lasts about two to five years. If your battery is getting up in age, you need to plan to replace it. Check your battery for a round sticker that has the month and year of your battery if you don’t remember how old it is.

  1. You See Corrosion

Do you see some powdery or ashy substance by your car’s battery? This is called corrosion and is a telltale sign you need to replace your battery. Your battery terminals are both the positive and negative connections on the top of the battery.

If you have corrosion, it can lead to voltage problems, and you may not be able to start your car. While performing regular vehicle maintenance, it’s important to take a peek under the hood. If you see any sign of corrosion, head to a car battery supplier to get a new battery.

Call a Mechanic Today if You See These Signs

No one wants to get stranded. It can turn a joy ride in your muscle car into a real drag (not in the good sense). Be sure you call a mechanic if you think your battery is about to die.

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