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Buy Of The Day, 70 Chevrolet Chevelle TWIN TURBO DURAMAX DIESEL

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Buy Of The Day, 70 Chevrolet Chevelle TWIN TURBO DURAMAX DIESEL


1970 Chevelle Twin Turbo Duramax Diesel.
You Can Have Everything with This Car. Power, Milage, Comfort. One of a Kind. Drive IT Anywhere with 34 MPG, Run IT AT the Track and Keep the Air Conditioning on!
Video below Shows This Cars Only ¼ Mile Pass in Bowling Green Kentucky on the Hot Rod Power Tour. I Did a Real Easy Run and Check out the Time, 123 MPH@13.3 on Street Tires. Put a Real Set of Slicks on This and You Have a Easy Nine Second Car. We Did Not Even Use the Nitrous yet! I Drove This Car across Country with Zero Problems. IT Is Very Safe and Reliable. Better Than an Oversized Big Block Gas Engine That Sucks down the Gas. The Last 632 BBC I Built Was Four MPG.
I Do Not Need to Sell This, I Have Another Project Car I Am Building NOW and Not Much Time for This. Will Also Consider a Part Trade for a Tesla.

– 1/4 mile 0:30, speed/stop 0:35, autocross in a tubbed car 0:46.
– Art Morrison chassis, 10 point roll cage corvette C-5 front suspension 4 link rear.
– chassis and aluminumn work by Fast Eddies Race Cars.
– Rearend: Fast Eddie 9 inch. Gear ratio: 3:25 Posi: Detroit locker 35 spline.
– Rear springs: Coilover.
– Rear shocks: Koni adjustable.

Front suspension modifications:
– Front springs: Coilover Front shocks: koni
– Anti-sway bars: front Corvette C-5

– Make & year of front spindles: Corvette C-5
Type, make & year of brakes: Master cylender hidden under the car to clean up the firewall.

– front: Willwood 6 piston calipers, 14 inch rotors, slotted/drilled
– rear: Willwood 4 piston calipers, 16 inch rotors, slotted/drilled

– Make & size of wheels: front: DPE S-5 18×8 rear: DPE S-5 20×16
– Size of tires: front: M/T 26x12x18 rear: M/T 33x22x20.

– New style SS centercaps made to fit the wheels.

Engine (list manufacturer, type, and modifications to all components)
– Make: Chevy truck LLY Duramax Year: 2005 Displacement: 6.6L 403 ci
– Bore: 4.05 Stroke: 3.90
– Engine built by: Mike Racke City: Fullerton State: Ca
– Machinework done by: So cal Diesel City: Valencia State: Ca
– Pistons and pins: So Cal Diesel Modified stock pistons, Compression ratio 16:1
– Rings: Stock Crankshaft: stock, balanced.
– Connecting Rods: Carillo Timing Chain: Gear driven
– Camshaft: So cal Diesel special
– Valves: 33mm intake 33mm exhaust inconal.

Valvesprings: So cal diesel beehive. Rockers: Stock forged Pushrods: So cal Diesel, Intake manifold: 1 off custom made. 3/4 inch Aluminum base plate, 16 runner, dual 3 1/2 inch plenum. Plenum was cut in half, runners were filled with tig weld and port matched, reassembled and fully polished.Air cleaner: Dual 4 inch tubes joined into one 5 inch tube with MAF. Aluminum air intake box that houses 2 8×10 K+N air filters under the radiator.Injection: Direct injection, 23,000 max psi. 6,000 psi at idle. PPE Dual Fueler CP3 Bosch injection pumps, PPE Lift pump.

Cylinder heads: Modified LLY 4 valveModifications made to cylinder heads: 5 axis CNC ported, bronze valve guides, 5 angle valve job, new seats, stainless intake valves, inconel exhaust valves, beehive springs.Oil pan/oiling system: stock oil pan, cut down 2 inches.Headers/Exhaust 1 off Bassani headers, polished stainless 3 inch exhaust, no mufflers.Nitrous system:Blower (turbo): Twin Garrett T38R Diesel turbos. custom made twin Bell intercoolers.Fasteners, filters accessories: ARP stainless bolts throughout. Wiggins flexible clamshell clamps for turbo piping and coolant hoses. Catipillar Diesel 2 micron fuel filter. relocated nascar oil filter and oil cooler.
Max. Horsepower est. 1100 1800 TQ

Other engine information you should know: Runs on biodiesel. gets great gas milage. mounting studs removed from valve covers, smoothed flat and black coated. Glowplug controller, MAP sensor, fuel return lines and wiring hidden under intake manifold. Stock turbo removed form the top of the motor, new garrett diesel turbos mounted on the front.

Drive Train
– Make, type & year of transmission: 2005 Allison 1000 5 speed, stage 5 PPE rebuild
– Shifter: 2006 Pontiac Solstice
– Make & size of converter: ATS converter, ATS billet flywheel. Stall-speed 2200
– Trans cooler: SETRAB Driveshaft: Shortened Chevy truck.

Describe bodywork performed. completely stripped, Replaced quarter panel, streched rear wheelhousings 4 inches for tire clearance.

– Make, type & color of paint: 1970 chevelle Mist turquoise/ black stripes
– Interior: Upholstery material: suede headliner, stock chevelle doorpanels, Stock style carpet.
– Color: black.

– Dashboard modifications:
Dash has been moved back 8 inches, and 2 inches to the drivers side. Dash pad was handmade of fiberglass and foam, covered by just dashes to look original. Dash board was cut and made from two original SS dashes. You will see the square vents are now round and use Pontiac solstice air vents. The light switch has it`s own round hole by the steering column, The old radio hole is elongated without the round tuning holes and a custom made heater control is in its place. using stock chevelle radio knobs and a clear lexan lens, just like an original lens would be. but with knobs instead of the sliders. The touchscreen is where the old heater controls and center air vents were. Dash was stretched and reshaped on the passenger side. Then, the entire dash was sanded smooth and vaccume chrome plated. The center was painted in a stainless steel color to match the wheeltubs and console. The rest was smoothed off and painted black. Wiring System: Main body harness is an easywire kit with new style fuses. The stock diesel ECU and trans computer are mounted under the dash. The Diesel wiring harness was rerouted, Injector wiring leighthened, and rerouted, all the unnessesary wiring was removed to get a really clean look. The electric diesel acceleratior pedal mounded behind the steering wheel backwards, attached to a Ford lincoln gas pedal bracket with chevelle gas pad.

– Instruments: All gauges are Autometer They have been re screened to match factory 1970 Chevelle gauges. 5000 rpm tach, 200 mph electric speedometer, and a single 5 gauge pod that looks like a factory 1969 chevelle gauge cluster. has trans temp, temp, diesel fuel and volt gauge with a clock in the middle. housing modified to fit them all into the stock dash holes.

– Custom seats: Ricaro power, heated, air cooled seats, Ricaro name removed and custom SS stitching in its place. seats are moved back from stock location.

– Make & type of steering wheel: 70 Chevelle 3 spoke Black.
– Alpine CD SAT/NAV touchscreen iva w205, alpine pdx 4-150 amp, alpine speakers.
– Air conditioning by: Old air products.



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