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Buy Of The Day, 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Cheetah Proto-type 1 of 1

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Buy Of The Day, 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Cheetah Proto-type 1 of 1


While browsing through the auction listings today, my eyes landed on this Corvette like an emergency stop.
At the end of the listing the text says, ‘This is the most interesting 60’s Sports Car to come up for sale in this condition in the WORLD.’ A bold statement, so let’s have a look at why.

After wading through the unparagraph’ed text (sorry, pet hate of mine!), the ride is not a completed vehicle. This is a major point.
However, prototypes of any make or model are rare at best and come up for auction even less often. Meaning that even in an uncompleted state, this ride when fully restored, could be worth up to 3/4 – $1 million plus potentially??…’and the rest’ (shouts someone in the office)….hmmmm!

So you will have to weigh up if the investment in the initial car and the time and money needed to complete the project is worth it in the long run to you.
The smart investors out there are probably ringing their accountants as we speak…..

‘1965 Cheetah Bill Thomas/Chevrolet R&D 427 Le Mans Super Coupe 1 of 1 #001 1965 Model,The Worlds most Valuable Cheetah’

‘This #001 went straight to Chevrolet under secrecy and was tested by Chevrolet R&D when the Chevrolet evaluation was completed Bill Thomas made a deal to buy this 1964 Model Cheetah back.
So once back at Bill Thomas Shop Bill made the decision to remove the Aluminum body and replace it with a complete fiberglass body. Bill’s vision for the more refined Le Mans racer Street Cheetah had already been in process building the buck & designing the new 1965 Cheetah Super Coupe Rear body section.’

‘California Metal Stamping produced the rear body.
Now Bill’s guys went to work cutting up the Riverside red 1964 model Aluminum body to graft on the front bonnet, cowl, upper roof t-panel and lower dog legs onto the brand new wider taller longer Super Coupe rear body.
So (YES) it has the only remaining parts left to exist from the 1964 Model #001 Aluminum Proto-Type.’

‘Now Cheetah Chassis #001 fitted with new fiberglass body went on to a few races where it was destroyed completely. Bill produced a brand new 4130 round tube Chassis with multiple upgrades and changes made from all the Knowledge learned on the 64 models with testing them on many California race tracks and putting them under extreme conditions. So we have the Original built 4130 .065 wall round tube Super Coupe Chassis 1 of 1. Also we have secured the body and leveled it out and mounted it.’

‘ Project comes with correct dated 1965 4 bolt main Corvette 425HP engine, Muncie 4 speed, Corvette rear axle. Bill Thomas was the 1st Performance shop to produce the 427 Mill out of the 396 mill 1965 engine. Bill was building top secret NASCAR 427 engines labeled as 396. Now this car was to run the 427 Engine at Le Mans, Street cars were going to be fitting with the stock 396 Corvette 425HP engine.’

‘We have styling drawings of a completed Super Coupe Cheetah, (ORIGINALS) we have Bill’s option sheet for the Super Coupe Street cars. ‘

‘4 Total owners, Bill Thomas from 1964 through 1970, Don Edmunds 1970 through 1971, Memphis owner Mr Duke 1971 through 2011. This Cheetah remained untouched after the Fire of Sept 1965 until they day.’

‘ This amazing find needs to be completed and presented at Pebble Beach in the 1 Off Class. It would make everyone take notice of the incredible styling and fierce 427 Mill Chevrolet engine. This is it one of the next Pebble Beach winners. If bidding falls short of sale, I will consider 50%/50% partner to come in and get it done for Pebble. ‘



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