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Bragging Rights To A Barn Find

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By Mark Weisseg

All of us in the hobby desire to find the holy grail of all barn finds. We want a rare Plymouth or Mustang and if the gods shine hard enough maybe a COPO or Yenko.

We all want the glory and the hard decision on what to do next. We all have grand ideas what we would do if we hit the big lottery. Quit our job, buy a big house somewhere, take a long vacation, pay off our bills, and then take life easy. Something tells me it is not quite that easy because everybody who wins the big jackpot gets an attorney and a money advisor right away. That means additional headaches but we all want to try.

So, I see this picture of what appears to be a very odd barn find. Notice the chain drive in the truck? That hunk is old and it shows. Lord knows what is on the back of the truck but it’s old too. So, what do you do?

Do you undertake restoration and go bankrupt? Not me. Nope. I would leave this as is. Buy myself some sort of building or donate it to a museum. Leave it alone so everyone can come by and just stare at another time, another world, another place, most of us only read about.

How cool would it be to have one of something? Who would value it and at what value? I don’t know if it is worth a hundred dollars or ten million. One can never guess what someone else is willing to pay. But, my senses are saying to keep it as is and museum it. Can you imagine the people’s faces, eyes and brains going crazy trying to connect a story to this archive? Man alive I wish someday to get a hole in one on a golf course but more than that a barn find like no other. I screwed up about five years ago when locally someone pulled a Model T out of a barn that had been sitting since the 1920’s. He only wanted 5k but at the time I was up to my ears with another restoration and had no place to put it. Dumb dumb dumb. I have learned my lesson and if that sort of deal ever presents itself again I am buying it regardless.

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