Blade’s 1968 Dodge Charger

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Blade 1968 Dodge Charger Image

By Dave Ashton

Like most people who are currently in the locked down lifestyle, I’m binge watching movies like they’re going out of fashion. Some new, some old, but what I couldn’t believe I’ve missed in the past, was the growling Dodge Charger from the Blade movies. The car isn’t exactly on screen for long, but it does make its presence felt with its deep down, growling V8 engine.

The car in question is a B-Body 1968 Charger R/T, which in the movie has a hood scoop, implying a 440 Six Pack V8 from an A12 1969 Road Runner, with chrome trim and Centerline aluminum wheels. Plus, inside are a bunch of custom toggle switches, shotgun holster and anti-vampire mechanisms such as UV lights and a spot of nitrous injection. There’s also extra lights behind the front grille, with traction bars also fitted to presumably plough through the legions of vampires.

The Dodge Charger can be seen the most in the first movie, mainly because Blade II was largely shot in Europe, where Mopar parts aren’t exactly ready to hand and muscle car mechanics short in supply. Apparently it was just the one car that was used in the first three Blade movies, with a 383 Magnum V8 under the hood, which was then sold in 2006 for $40,000.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign of the whereabouts of the vehicle since its sale, with the closest being this reproduction car which at least gives us a closer look at the vampire killer.

With a remake of the movie in the works, could the Charger make a reappearance?


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