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The Best Wheels for Your New Muscle Car

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Your new muscle car sets you apart from the crowd. Your addiction to power is a major differentiator between you and the other guys. After laying out dough for such a powerful new ride, it would be a shame to waste all that torque on OEM wheels. Here are our picks for aftermarket wheels that are guaranteed to do your new power-packed car justice.

Wheels for Ford Mustang.
Since the first pony rolled off the line in 1965, the Mustang has been leading the muscle car herd. Leaders deserve respect. Niche Sport gets it. While almost any Niche Sport wheel will add major style, we think The Targa is the best choice. If you aren’t familiar with Niche Sport, let’s get you up to speed. Niche Sport is a division of MHT Wheels. These guys specialize in high-end luxury alloy wheels. The Sport division is geared towards aggressive staggered fitments. That makes it a perfect starting place. Because of course, the first thing you want to do is ditch those stock 17” rims. The Targa is ready to step in. We recommend a staggered fitment on newer Mustangs. A staggered Targa fitment will fill the wheel well to perfection and it just looks better than a square fitment.

Niche Sport will take you all the way up to 22” with the Targa, but we recommend not going past 20”. As your wheels get bigger, the standing height of your tire gets smaller. Go too big and performance starts to suffer. Those low-profile tires and heavier wheels are going to have a negative impact on acceleration. The Targa is a cast wheel, so it is lightweight, but as you upsize you are adding unsprung weight no matter how lightweight the wheel. Of all the wheels that Niche Sport makes for newer iteration Mustangs, we like the Targa in particular because it has no lip. Those open spokes extend all the way to the edge of this rim and give you better stress dispersion on hard curves. Whether you are running the I4 or the V8, this wheel is ready to perform. It is available in silver, black or anthracite and will do any pony proud.


Wheels for Chevy Camaro.
Ever since the original Camaro was introduced in 1966 as the small animal that eats mustangs, rivalry in the pony class has been fierce. Competition to make the best Camaro wheels has been fierce all over the world. But our choice for the best wheel for this iconic American muscle car is made in California by MRR Wheels. MRR started out making OEM wheels and they are known for engineering wheels that are light-weight but strong. The M228 combines these elements to perfection for Camaro fitments. That’s because this wheel was designed and manufactured specifically for Camaros. That’s right, it is perfectly hub centric for the 5th generation of Camaros. That means no vibrations to ruin your ride. The OEM wheels for the 2010 through 2017 Camaros are 18 or 20 inches. No matter which size you have, you have room to upsize with the M228. Square and staggered fitments from 20 to 22 inches are available. We have a penchant for staggered, so we recommend the 20” staggered with 10” width on the front and 11” width on the rear for a particularly aggressive stance.

We like the look of the gloss black with all stock Chevy colors, but gunmetal is available if you want a more understated look. Speaking of looks, the open, y-spoke design and concave face look good, but they are really designed to provide plenty of brake clearance. And by extending the spokes to the rim, the M228 provides superior handling at higher speeds. It’s the way that MRR mixes form and function to create the M228 that has us sold. That’s why it’s our number one pick for the newer Camaros.

Wheels for Dodge Challenger.
Challengers can be a challenge. Dodge may have entered the pony race last, but between the Slant 6 and the Elephant Motor, it entered with serious power. To this day only a seriously powerful wheel will do for the Challenger. Ruff Wheels is up to the challenge. Both the Challenger and Ruff Wheels arrived on the scene in the 1970’s. Today it’s a marriage that still works. Their R1 is a wheel style that is clearly meant for the newest Challenger iteration. Its minimalist design matches the simple lines of the car exactly. Whether you go with the 20’s or 22’s, go staggered. You don’t want to rotate those tires anyway. Seriously, the 2008 looks as good as the 2017 in a 20” with 8.5” on the front and 10” on the back. The concave 5 spoke design gives you the strength you need without adding unnecessary weight. Remember for every pound of unsprung weight you save, you cut 20 pounds off the total weight of your ride. When the pedal hits the floor, you’ll notice the difference with the R1 on your ride.

Wheels for Dodge Charger.
Some argue that the 2nd generation Charger (the General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard fame) is the best-looking car ever made by Dodge. Well we think the newest models are pretty sweet as well. Niche Sport makes bold wheels with concave designs that fill the Charger wheel well with wow. The Niche Sport Pantano and the Charger are a match made in heaven. Like our fav wheel for the Mustang, the Pantano is part of the Sport Series. The mono block construction results in a light-weight but strong wheel. That means this bold, but unassuming 5 spoke wheel performs as well as it looks. You’ll love the large caliper clearance as much as we do. For a better ride, we recommend that you upsize to a 20” wheel. You’ll still have plenty of clearance at the front and you’ll get better handling. Upsized Pantanos will most certainly supercharge the look of your Charger.

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