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The Beauty Of An Old Caddy

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By Mark Weisseg

If you are by the ocean, look out your porthole and you should see two new ships have anchored in the form of these old Caddys.

I just saw a drop top ’59 Caddy sell for almost two hundred grand. Gulp. Now, in the picture you will see two old Caddys that some lucky person latched on to.

There is only one very large problem with restoring Caddy’s. Parts are available but the costs associated with them is out of this world. Not just a little bit but way out of this world expensive. Anything you send out to be redone like seats or chrome I want you to sit down when you get your bill. If you can handle the pain of that you are all down hill from there. You will need a big garage to do your work and the patience of Jobe. But remember when you are done you will have magic.

When these cars were new nothing on the road was like them. Styling was out of control and everyone knew you arrived if you drove these cars. The fins, the chrome, the sound, everything about the old Caddys were fantastic. A good friend of mine is on the hunt right now for a ’58. I am unsure why but I am helping him fulfill a need. The only thing better would be a convertible. They are so rare today that if one is seen it is bought no matter the condition.

Once you throw a hundred grand into the restoration you will be hard pressed not to pat yourself on the back. Some cars blend in after awhile or lose the appeal they once had. Not the Caddy you see here. It’s a forever car that if you are lucky enough to own one, I don’t think you would ever sell it. They have a certain magic and people all over the world want them.

You must think global today in our hobby. People literally all over the world love old American cars. But what they really want are big Lincolns and Caddy’s. The world wants them so badly the demand is much greater than the product available. Does that get your blood moving? If not you are officially dead.

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