What, Another Mustang Flies Out Of Control.

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By David Ashton

If I didn’t know any better I would say it almost looks like a conspiracy theory against Ford Mustangs with the amount of content coming out of them crashing recently.
Coincidence, is it just Mustang drivers or do mustangs not halt the road as well as other vehicles?
The only conclusion here is that it’s down to individual drivers, not the car.

This video shows a Shelby in Lake Bluff, Illinois, doing a pirouette and flying off the road.
The car pulls out in a sedate way, but a quick blast sends the car out of control.

But back to the point of why is it another Mustang being video’ed veering out of control? Is it just because there are more Mustang drivers out there, so it’s more likely to capture one crashing than any other type of vehicle?


Maybe, but like any car crash it is truly down to the individual drivers and not the car in question.
Rearwheel drive cars and slippery conditions are not a good mix at the best of times.

So, to all Mustang drivers, at least try to keep a low profile. We really don’t want to see any more of your fine vehicles being smashed up.

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