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An Abandoned GTO

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By Mark Weisseg

Sure enough race fans here it is. Yes, a GTO sitting in a bone yard. How in the world can that happen? You would think someone, somewhere, somehow would have snatched this up at this point.

How can an Orange GTO be at a boneyard all these years later? It proves that not all old cars are hiding in barns and or someone is putting us on. It just does not seem possible a Pontiac GTO could be sitting idly by in a bone yard anywhere at this point in time. All of us car nut cases scan the Internet, the magazines, and even our local newspapers in hopes of finding that rare old car. I can tell you I spend way too much time looking for the jewel in the rough. Hunting is the best part. Tracking it down, talking to people, getting leads, and then finally seeing the vehicle is almost as good as… Well , ok I got carried away for a minute.

But, old fast muscle cars are hard to find. Usually they have led full lives and are in sorry shape some 40 to 50 years later. What kind of shape are you in versus what you were say 40 years ago? Gulp. But, the idea behind this story is as old as your bad jokes. The cars are out there but you are going to need to do something about it. That means put down the remote, put the bag of chips away, and get off your back side. Start probing and looking. Start talking to people rather than playing Pokeyman or whatever it is. Find those classics before someone else does.

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