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Is This The Next Craze?

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By Mark Weisseg

You may have you noticed of late the amount of IHC or Divco trucks on the market. They are being used as food trucks which is the current big craze.
Yes, get that foot long Weiner and fries from an old truck. Or, have the person in the truck make you a big old sandwich and stuff your gut. Of course the hot rod guys have figured out how to have fun too. We are starting to see old trucks like what’s pictured here turned into monster machines. Overall the trucks do not weigh much.

It’s a big hunk of metal on four to six wheels. I have seen dragsters already and just some guys that want something different. Either way this craze is in full force now. These trucks in the old days were just bread trucks, ice cream trucks or service related trucks. They were used long and hard and generally put out to pasture. Nobody gave them a second thought for years.

But just recently the idea came about to sell food out of these rigs and that market has exploded. I have seen full page ads that advertise six to eight food trucks being at a certain place on Saturday for six hours. Pizza, weiners, hamburgers, fries, sandwiches, popcorn, soft drinks and more. It’s a mobile food service product. I am not sure who is checking the cleanliness of the trucks or the people preparing the meals but I hope it’s safe. One must be careful what you swallow.

Several years ago I was on a flight coming out of Cancoon and three young ladies occupied the last row of seats for quicker access to the loo. I have never seen three young ladies that shade of green before. So, jump on the food truck craze if you desire but how about making them a resto mod or big time hot rod instead?
It’s a niche vehicle and as you know those worry me. But, how cool would it be to have your very own bread box on wheels?

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