Americans Drive More Than Ever: The Muscle Car Will Live On.

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Americans Drive More Than Ever

According to the U.S. Federal Highway administration, the total miles driven by Americans has gone from 2.9 trillion to 3.1 trillion since April 2014.
There’s also been a rise in more Americans taking advantage of low gas prices and using their cars more.
Also, America’s average car is now 11.4 years old in 2014, compared with 8.4 years old in 1995, according to the Transportation Department.
Even new car sales are up with quarterly reports from the big makers to have a positive percentage jump.
But what does this mean for the muscle car market?

It basically proves that the media rhetoric of people being more interested in supposedly eco-friendly vehicles only and being distracted with their high-tech gadgets is not always the case.
The knock-on effect is more people are getting out there in their cars in general, a continued interest in not just the new but also the old and the muscle car will ultimately have more fans than ever.

It’s easy to believe some of the reports that in just a few years we will all be driving electric, autonomous cars and anything fossil fuel driven will go the way of the dinosaur.
But you only have to look over the past few decades to see that this is an old story.

Since the early 70’s everyone thought the oil would run out, thus smaller displacement engines came in. That didn’t happen.
No one would want muscle cars after 1975 and here we are in 2015 with the likes of Dodge producing 707 hp beasts straight out of the factory.

Essentially, as humans we are hardwired to adventure, to explore and if possible do this with some speed and performance. We now have to obviously have an eye on the environment, but the performance market is just a small part of the whole, so don’t be surprised if in 20 years+ limited numbers of fossil fuel engines are still being built.
It may happen, it may not, but at least for the foreseeable future, you really cannot beat the internal combustion engine for allowing us to go where we want, when we want.

The basic idea of the car in the first place and the figures don’t lie…………

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