American Muscle: Our First Love Cars

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American Muscle: Our First Love Cars


We all still love the car’s we own, but the relationship is different from what we used to have.

The cars we owned reflected a certain personality. It was a statement.
In a smaller world, even the mention of the word ‘Hemi’ will give you respect, but now the focus is more on gas mileage and the vast array of technology we get with each car. Do I really need 12 seat settings and voice-activated controls in my car? I like most, still use my fingers to adjust things!

Below are some of the landmark cars, which at the time reflective personality, status and style which the latest generation just can’t quite capture.

Camaros just have a style and drive that seems like it will go on and on.
Even in 2015 69 Camaro looks like an incredible car. You only have to look at some of the resto mods around to see how these old rides can be improved.
Imagine sailing down the highway in a brand-new shiny Camaro.

The Challenger and Charger have picked up over years reputations of bad build quality, but because of the time they are complete classics.
Their reputation was helped by being featured in numerous TV shows and film, but we can mistake the looks of either of these cars.
From 1965 to the early 70s, these two rides made everyone of its owners extremely proud.

With the introduction in 1963 the stingray, Chevrolet made a model which made you feel like a millionaire. Cruised round the street in this ride at the time and you got instant respect.

The Plymouth barracuda was more family friendly of the era of muscle cars, but with the addition of the hemi-engine, its reputation was sealed.
Just listened to an old Barracuda tick over. The gurgle of that V8 is unmistakable!

The Ford Mustang is put at the bottom of this list, just to stop the Mopar guys telling me off……….ahem!
you have to admit though, these pony cars have been Fords most successful model and have worldwide appeal.
There is no mistaking the looks of an old Ford Mustang and with highly option models, you can expect a kings ransom in exchange for one.

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