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A Modern Dodge Challenger ‘Daytona’ Recreation

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Dodge Daytona

By Dave Ashton

Dodge originally produced the Daytona model under the moniker of the Dodge Charger Daytona back in 1969, mainly to smash the pants out of the competition in NASCAR. Affectionately known as the ‘Winged Warrior,’ just like the Plymouth Superbird, the vehicles definitely produced the goods on the track, for example hitting 200 mph (322 km/h) at Talladega in 1970. So good, they were banned the next year. A limited number were also available to the public, but didn’t sell very well, thus ultra collectors items today.

The Daytona name was brought back over the years as trim levels on certain models, along with some lacklustre front wheel drive hatchback Dodge Daytonas from 1983-1993. But, it was the mystique of the originals which always begged for a modern version.

Dodge still have a trim level ‘Daytona’ for the Charger as below, but not a dedicated model. This means it’s down to third-party makers to come up with their own interpretations. GAA Classic Cars in Greensboro, North Carolina, are currently auctioning such a creation from the George Shinn car collection in Nov. 2019.

Sitting under this modern Daytona exterior is a 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T with the Super Track Pack, housing a 372HP 5.7-liter Hemi V8. On top of the Daytona body kit conversion are 20 inch Aluminum wheels and a custom white leather interior with red accents.

This modern interpretation looks very cool, especially with the matching white and red interior, that’s if you buy into the winged Warrior look. However, the auction listing and the George Shinn webpage dedicated to the car, doesn’t seem to mention the original builders or more correctly, the people who performed the conversion.

Dodge Daytona

A quick sniff around online and there are a few outlets who will build you your own Daytona/Superbird such as These seem to be conversion kits which have a functional Shaker hood, nose cone, three-piece wing and side vents, along with options like a Magnuson supercharger for 2008-2014 Challenger models.

These kits seem to have originated from the company HPP which had a starting price of $16,395. Add in all performance extras and the total came to $41,461, not including the donor car. Also intriguing is what looks like the same car going to auction at Auctions America back in 2016 according to Motor1 which stated the sales estimate was $60,000 to $65,000 and the conversion was possibly done by ‘Detroit’s now-shuttered HPP.’ If this is all correct, then expect a similar asking price at the current auction.

If a modern interpretation of a Daytona is not your thing, the only other option is to raid your long-term savings to buy an original or go for a Daytona Charger package on a new car. These are only packages added to other trim models, but at least it’s an official Dodge release as you can see from the specs below.

2019 Dodge Charger Daytona Edition Group
Package MSRP starting at $3,495

Available on R/T and R/T Scat Pack, this Package Includes (Depending on Model):
20-Inch Forged/Painted Aluminum Wheels
Carbonite Interior Accents
Daytona Decals on the Hood, Roof and Trunk
Daytona Front Grille and Instrument Panel Badges
Daytona Logo Nappa Leather/Alcantara® Suede-Trimmed Seats; Front Seats Include Power, Four-Way Lumbar Support and Heated and Ventilated Features; Rear Seats Feature an Armrest with Storage and Cup Holder
Driver and Front Passenger Lower and Upper LED Lamps
Gloss Black Instrument Panel Cluster Trim Rings
Mopar® Cold Air Intake System

Dodge Daytona

The big question, is this 2013 Dodge Challenger Daytona auction worth a bid? Clearly, this will depend on the rough asking price and if you want a professionally built, modern interpretation of a Dodge Daytona. In many ways it will be an emotional purchase. Decent power, but nothing groundbreaking. As for looks, it will definitely turn heads and be like nothing else on the road. This car would suit somebody who loves the original, is very familiar with its back history, but wants the convenience and build of a modern Dodge Challenger.


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