A Hellcat Powered Toyota PriuSRT8!!

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By Dave Ashton

This is one of the few times a Toyota Prius will dip its toe into this website, but when it houses a Dodge Hellcat engine with upgraded supercharger, it has to be featured. The first snippet of video comes from the Jay Leno Show showing the car out on the road, with the second video coming from 2017 SEMA showing you the car/veggie cart in more detail.

It doesn’t just have the hellcat engine. The 2005 model also has a 4.5 Whipple supercharger, a Tremec six speed transmission, larger headers and 3 pounds of tofu in the trunk just in case it gets withdrawal symptoms…..joke. In stock condition a Prius can make 110-140HP(in full vegan mode), while the PriuSRT8 can push a firebreathing 800HP, doing a quarter-mile in nine seconds.

Cost wise, it’s gone from a stock $21,275 to $150,000 with all the trimmings. The whole thing was put together by Nick Filippides and his team at American Racing Headers. It’s basically taken the equivalent of a sedate drum circle and turned it into a full death metal, double bass drum solo with full pyro show.

In all seriousness, why would someone go to all the expense of outfitting a Prius with all this kit when all the money and effort could have been spent on a restomod or similar? Clearly, its a great marketing tool and attention grabber but like it or not, Toyota make solid vehicles that last (as Filippides says in the video ‘the platform is outstanding’), so in all probability, it’s one of those outlandish scenarios of ‘what if we did this to this and see what the results are.’ Along with a bit of showing the bird to those some overly serious Prius owners.

Does this make the Prius anymore attractive to the average muscle car fan? Nah, but it at least shows everyone that just like eating a nice large steak once in a while you can feel the benefits (animal protein and fats are still the best nutrition source, go look it up…) Also, one more Hellcat engine on the highway is not going to wreck the environment or one less Prius engine is going to help save the planet. Go discuss that with large industry ( but that’s another topic….)

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