1750 Horsepower Combined! Jeep TrackHawk & Dodge HellCat

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By Dave Ashton

We keep worrying that we are overly featuring the Dodge Demon and Hellcat on our websites, but why not as they represent two of the truest muscle cars around today. This video shows not just the raw horsepower levels of the Jeep TrackHawk & Dodge HellCat, but why sticking to the old muscle car principles still works and appeals to the masses.

As stated at the beginning of the video, Ford and Chevy always had carefully thought out strategies to gain better sales. Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth thought differently, kept it simple and just stuffed the biggest engine into the smallest car. Voilà, power on tap in an affordable package.

Worked then, so why not today? Even better, why not crowbar one of those Hellcat engines into an SUV, thus the TrackHawk. This way of thinking in a complex, modern car industry could have easily been a flop, but the sales figures prove otherwise.

Refined, planted, sophisticated and many other objectives are used for modern performance vehicles, but the real cool factor comes from just a raw, plain power rating. But it’s 2018 and most people want at least a bit of sophistication and creature comforts, which you get in both the Hellcat and Trackhawk. Supercar power without having to take yoga classes previously to get in and drive the thing like some of the rest.

Just sit back and enjoy a bit of Murica spirit wrapped up in 9,618lbs. of solid metal. Trackhawk = 5,364lbs, Hellcat= 4,254 lb. Heavy, but reassuringly so.

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