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A 1971 Ford Torino with a 429!

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this advertised at the above dealer and it reminded me of what we may have missed. A 1971 Ford Torino with a 429 Cobra Jet Engine. Holy Smokes.

We get so wrapped up in the everyday hot rod classics that at times we forget these beauties. Now, this is no cheap date but this car was a rocket and not many were sold. Hence, it’s pricy. But, you will have a fantastic car with a gigantic engine that will set you apart from the others at the show.

Unfortunately, super cool cars like this get passed over at times. People walk by and think, ” it’s just a Torino”. Nope, it is not. This baby is not your Daddy’s car at all with a 302 under the hood. Speaking of under the hood. Open that monster up and you will see how they wedged this giant in there. Not a dime may be able to fall and hit the ground. This in turn means if you drop a small screw or nut when you do any maintenance you may need to search high and low under the boot as they say across the pond. But is it worth it? Well, the asking price is 61K and that is steep. However, it appears to be a great car by the looks of the photos. My point was and is if you are looking for something very different and yet want the rear tires to grab and go- this one is for you. Parts are easy to find, however they will carry a heavier price tag. And the Petty blue is a stand out color.

So, if your budget can take a hit, cars like this are the answer to the question. We all love the Camaro’s, Vettes, the Z cars, the Mustangs, and more but if you want to dance to a different drummer please consider a classic hot rod like this one. Go ahead, I dare you.


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