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A 1968 Charger please!

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By Mark Weisseg

Can you say bucket list? Sure we all have them and some are way out of reach while with others it is a matter of time.

Out of reach for me would be a Hemi Superbird, a real COPO Camaro, or a real AC Cobra. But this 68 Charger and I will say 68 to 70 is da bomb by today’s lingo. In my day we would just say the car is bad. Meaning good. Are you getting all this lingo garbage?

Anyway the Charger came for most part with a 383 four barrel carb and a automatic transmission. The real select group would swing for a 440 with an automatic and or the four speed. The car was so cool with the gas cap up on quarter panel for a while, the sleek long body, and simple colors. I happen to love the dark green with the stripe on the trunk running over to the quarter panels. Before I bought my Roadrunner I looked at a 70 Charger and came very close to buying it. But, I always from the day they came out wanted a Roadrunner and I had to fulfill this once and for all.

With that said go look at one the next chance you get. The fenders and quarter panels are very long, the trunk is huge and the engine bay even with the monster engine was still big. I mentioned only the 383 and 440 as they were the standard bearers and the Hemi was not. To have the hemi in a Charger or a Roadrunner today is the cream of the crop.

I was very worried back in the 80’s when Chrysler started out selling these little cars that looked like a Omni and named it a Charger with a 4 cylinder. It was almost enough to make a grown man cry. Then, years later Chrysler Corp starts selling a Charger with four doors? Yes, you can get a big engine and it runs great but picture a four door mustang or Camaro. We all hear rumors that FCA is going to bring out a two door Charger or Cuda in the next year or so.

But for now if you want ( and boy do I) a real Dodge Charger go buy one of these. People love them at the cruises and on the road. One of my fellow cruisers has all three model years of importance. A 68, 69, and a 70 and I consider him one good cat. He came over once to examine my Roadrunner and proclaimed it very nice and I returned the gesture toward his Chargers. So, now what? Friend forever? I don’t know but I will watch for a weakness some day and do what I can to buy one. They are that good. Trust me.

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