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6 Best Muscle Car Modifications to Maximize Performance

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In this modern-day, cars and automobiles are already part of our daily life. While others consider it simply as a mode of transportation, others treat it as precious gems. From making the car exteriors very appealing to enhancing its interiors, taking care of their car is one of their top investments and priority. No wonder, no matter how costly car modification is, some people find pleasure in customizing their ride.

Not all car modifications are about making your ride aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing. Car customization is also geared towards improving your ride’s overall performance. Want to modify your car to improve its performance while staying on the budget? Below are tips on how you will give your ride a treat without actually breaking the bank!

Change your tires.

Tires are undeniably one of the car parts that are taken for granted. Many car enthusiasts are guilty of not prioritizing their tires by focusing only on their rides’ exterior and interior parts. But you should take note that neglecting to improve your tires can actually affect your car’s overall performance.

It is highly imperative to know and understand the kind of tires that your car needs and the driving environment before browsing to the automobile shop for purchasing. Tires have different types depending on the usage – it also has its advantages and disadvantages on the road. One notable example is racing tires. This type of tire is softer than the regular ones. Although racing tires give you more speed, more often than not, these are also less durable. Giving you enough reason to change more often than usual.

There are tires used for hard roads called the Summer Tires. There are also tires which are specifically crafted to endure cold and icy surfaces. These types usually come with studs of spikes that are very helpful while driving on snowy or slippery roads.

Change your headlights.

In modifying your car, safety must be your number one priority. Your headlight serves as your eyes on the road. You don’t want to drive around in the middle of the night with foggy and blurry eyes. Same with your car, headlights are essential to avoid impending accidents. A High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights is a sound investment. Aside from the fact that it is obviously good-looking when installed, it also makes the driver’s vision way clearer.

Using spark plugs.

Spark plugs are also one of the car parts that are usually neglected. Because there are car owners who don’t know what it does, they don’t pay enough time to replace it. Spark plugs serve as as the ignition to the engine or fuel when a certain amount of voltage spark has been produced in the cylinder. Without the spark plugs, there will be no combustion process. Without an efficient combustion process, the car will not run at its best. Having said these, try checking your plugs and replace it as soon as it wears out!

Boosting the exhaust.

After fuel is combusted in your car’s engine, a set of pipes lead the gases out of your vehicle. This is what we call the “exhaust system”. If you keep on disregarding the condition of your exhaust, it will eventually slow down the exhaust flow which will later affect your car’s performance. Besides, having an improved airflow in the engine promotes faster acceleration. It can also save you a few bucks as it lessens your fuel consumption!

Refining your cold air intake system.

Another affordable step you can’t miss in modifying your ride is to upgrade your cold air intake system. This system regulates the temperature of your car and keeps your engine from overheating when being used. Since cooled car engines perform better, you should invest in installing a high-performance one for your ride.

Mount a car body kit.

Some may get intimidated by installing a car body kit due to its high price but fret not, all are not pricey! The cost of a car body kit usually depends on the specifications and quality of materials being utilized. The type of a car body kit, its uniqueness, complexity of the design, brand, and the like all contribute to how much it will cost you.

As mentioned earlier, materials contribute a lot to the cost of a car body kit. For instance, carbon fibre will cost you a lot compared to a fibreglass. Carbon fibre is mostly used by high-performance cars and among the hardest material to produce. These specifications made it very expensive. On the other hand, fibreglass is easy to source out and lightweight. But the downside is, it easily becomes rigid so it breaks when hit or put under pressure. These particulars made fibreglass the more affordable type of a car body kit. Same with your car tires, weigh things out should be considered first and do your research as to what type of body kit best suits your vehicle.


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