5000hp ‘Vixen’ Dodge Challenger Hellcat Still Flying

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By Dave Ashton

It only takes a few simple ingredients to make a modern muscle car spine tingly exciting. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but when you mix in a Dodge Challnger Hellcat with power levels that hit 5000bhp, then things get exciting. In this case, it’s with the ‘Vixen’ Hellcat, which is arguably one of the most potent muscle machines around.

Earlier in the year, after being finely tuned and fettled, the twin turbocharged Challenger popped down to Cecil County Dragstrip and put down a staggering three second range time over a 8th mile at 197 miles per hour. You can check out the video footage below. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of watching to see the initial burnouts and then an in car view of Rich Bruder blasting his way over the finish line.


So how did the guys behind the Vixen ramp up an already potent Hellcat to such ridiculous power levels? As you can probably guess, everything on this car has been fine tuned from the tube chassis to the inclusion of the 528ci. Hemi V8. The engine comes from DiSomma Racing, fitted with two Precision 98-millimeter turbochargers, cranking out 5000 brake horsepower and propelling the 3,050-pound of Detroit muscle to the superquick times, all running on methanol. Basically, 0-200mph in just under four seconds.

We wrote about all this earlier in the year, but like any high-powered offering, the car doesn’t stand still for long. Checking out the Vixen’s Facebook page there is a constant evolution to tweak as much power out of the thing and go faster than ever.

The next showing of the Vixen Hellcat will be at Palm Beach International Raceway, October 11-12 as part of the Street Outlaws, no Prep. Kings event. For other details about when the car will next show its face, check out their Facebook page from the link above.


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