429 Cobra Jet, 1970 Ford Torino Barn Find!

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429 Cobra Jet, 1970 Ford Torino Barn Find!


Not as big a prize find as the 64 Shelby Cobra in January – , but finding a 70’s Torino is not a bad second.

Mark Watkins, recently retired from the highway department, got some great news as he wanted a classic muscle car for his retirement.
his friend Jim Pierce said, “You know, John never did get rid of his old Torino. Brenda, his widow, still has it. Maybe she would sell it?”

Mark had already had experience with the Torina in his youth, “They were so long on power,” Mark says. “I was a Chevy guy, but I have to admit that was the toughest engine. It went through three or four high school kids and never got overhauled and didn’t need it. It took it.”

Mark says, “He didn’t know this thing had that kind of power. But did it ever make history. This thing had a name to it, the Torino. It drove around town and everybody looked at it. It was kind of like a legend in its own time.

“We were going up against a Fairlane one time, heading between Lancaster and Downing. The Fairlane was trying to outrun us. Everybody thought it ran good. He was running 110. So I pushed the pedal on down and was still in Third gear. I buried the speedometer at 120, shifted into Fourth, and flew past the Fairlane like it was an afterthought.”

“We weighed that car one time. I think it weighed 4,100 pounds. So, weight went against you for drag racing right from the get-go.”

The car currently belongs to Ashley, John Wall’s daughter, John Wall being Mark Watkins friend from his youth who bought the car.


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